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2014 | At Least We Get To Enjoy Halloween!
October 1, 2014

Today ends an intense 3 weeks of Harvesting, with white press action every day of that, with Pinot fermentors totally full…

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30th Harvest Anniversary at Ridgecrest Vineyards
September 30, 2014

Our Ridgecrest Vineyards was the first vineyard planted on what would become the Ribbon Ridge AVA, purchasing the land in 1980…

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2014 | Hot, Early Start, and Soon to be Finished
September 27, 2014

Beginning Harvest September 14th, in 12 days we are now 71% complete compared to projections for the Harvest, with 270 tons…

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Buttoning Up The 2013 Harvest
October 29, 2013

Today we pressed-off our last large Pinot noir tank, leaving only one Pinot noir fermentor and two small Gamay noir ferments…

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2013 | Finishing With A Flourish
October 17, 2013

Our last pick was Monday, with small remaining blocks at Wind Ridge, Ridgecrest and Corral Creek all picked that day. And,…

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2013 | Barreling Down Before we Even Start Picking Two Vineyards
October 10, 2013

We’re finally into normal timing for picking some of our vineyard blocks. Unlike the hot year early-pick mode we were in…

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2013 | Yes, Screwy Weather, Including an “Atmospheric River of Moisture”
October 6, 2013

The 2013 Vintage will be remembered for its weather extremes:  consistently warmer than any growing season in memory from the beginning…

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2012 | An Unusual and Yet Excellent Vintage
October 31, 2012

This is a uniformly excellent vintage in the Willamette Valley, more so than the last two or three where some read…

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2012 | Put Away the Picking Bins, Dust Off Your Rain Slicker
October 26, 2012

All our fruit is now in, with the picking and pressing of Corral Creek Lower Block Riesling today. This adds to…

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2012 | Compressed Harvest, Welcome Fall
October 19, 2012

Although the beginning of the fruiting period began with separation of sites during flowering, we are ending with a compressed period…

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