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2006 | So Long as We Don’t Screw It Up in the Winery
October 15, 2006

Without rushing or compromising picking timing decisions, we’ve now completed Harvest 2006, with the exception of a solitary Riesling vineyard block…

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2006 | Finishing the Harvest, Finishing My Tan
October 11, 2006

We’re in the final leg of 2006 Harvest, with a huge lead and the only question is not whether we’ll win,…

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2006 | Compact Harvest, Expansive Flavors
October 6, 2006

So far, we’re having to hunt for the weak spots in Harvest 2006. No rain, no disease, perfect croploads, healthy marketplace…

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2006 | Warm Weather, Beautiful Quality, and As Much Quantity As You Wanted To Leave
September 30, 2006

My title tells it all going into harvest. Mother Nature gave us a full cropload at bloom, allowing us to drop…

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2005 | Riesling Hanging Out
October 29, 2005

Riesling is the only grape hanging on, damp and cool under largely overcast skies. Dry inside, ferments are liesurely, with the…

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2005 | Fruit Almost Entirely In, Jury Still Out
October 23, 2005

We begin to reflect the sky, this time of Harvest. When drab and gray, we resort to caffeine to perk ourselves….

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2005 | Out of Contact, But Not Out of Fruit…Yet
October 20, 2005

Sorry to have been gone for so long, but days are only so long and an avalanche of fruit has required…

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2005 | Finally the Flavors, Finally the Flood of Fruit
October 12, 2005

Being two weeks later than what we’ve become accustomed to changes the psychology of Harvest. Harvest crew members, brought in early…

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2005 | Healthy Fruit Allows A Healthy Patience
October 9, 2005

We’ve never been accused of lacking patience. After all, we actually believe that neither worry nor fretting is constructive. The first…

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2005 | Late Bloom Yields Late Harvest
October 6, 2005

Finally Beginning Serious Harvesting. This has been a year of starts and stops. Beginning with a winter that had two months…

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