Rooted in a deep and abiding reverence for the land

From the vineyards we nurture and harvest to the wine we blend and age, we handle every step with respect for sustainable practices. Whether conscientious vineyard farming practices or the materials used in our wine shippers, sustainability is at the core of our business practices. We are, first and foremost, stewards of the land and consider the impact of every layer of the winemaking process. We invite you to learn more about our sustainability practices and values.

In the Vineyard

Ridgecrest, Corral Creek, Stoller, and Chehalem Estate vineyards are LIVE and Salmon Safe certified. We do not use herbicides; weeds are controlled by hand and mechanization. We dry farm whenever possible to reduce the stress on ground water sources.

Bio-diversity, soil stability, and structural health within the vineyard are prioritized by sowing diverse cover crops every fall and encouraging a multitude of native plants. A large percentage of our vineyard properties are reserved as an eco-zone to provide habitat for native plants and animals and minimize the effects of vineyard encroachment.

In the Community

We believe every business has a responsibility to its employees, the local community and its products. Since inception, Chehalem Winery emphasized being a leader in its community. More than 30 percent of spending is with local vendors within 50 miles of the winery. Chehalem pays a living wage and provides a comprehensive compensation package to all full-time staff. Leadership is spread equally among men and women across every department, and all employees are encouraged to take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Our efforts culminated in July 2018 when we became the sixth Oregon winery to achieve B Corp certification, which assesses companies to ensure they meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

“What I appreciate about B Corp certification is that it reinforces our practices and serves as a North Star for our business to advance our goals.” – Bill Stoller

Chehalem is also a proud supporter of ¡SALUD!, a Pinot Noir auction supporting a unique non-profit collaboration between wineries and healthcare professionals that raises money to provide access to healthcare services for Oregon’s seasonal vineyard workers and their families.

We are proud to B Corp certified, which continues our commitment to preserve our environment and enrich our community. Companies certified as B Corps meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

LIVE is a non-profit organization providing education and independent 3rd-party certification for vineyards and wineries. Using international standards that are recognized with the International Organization for Biological Control, LIVE is the Northwest’s leading sustainability certification.

Salmon Safe offers peer-reviewed certification, linking site development and land management practices with the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds. In partnership with LIVE and Oregon Tilth, Salmon-Safe ensure the prevention of erosion and run off that in turn affect water quality.