Great wine purely reflects the fruit of the vine.

While the wine business is equal labors of growing grapes and making wine, the differentiator between good wine and great wine resides in the vineyard.

Chehalem’s winemaking process begins with a deep respect for the vineyards that bear the fruit. They are the essence of the wines and carry the story forward to the glass.

Co-owners, Harry Peterson-Nedry and Bill Stoller, both born into farming families, spent their early years becoming attuned to the seasons and cycles of nature and the considerations imposed on the crops. Calibrated to these cycles over a lifetime, and now as winery owners, they naturally connect to the land and to its cyclical nature and subtle nuances.



Corral Creek Vineyards surrounds Chehalem winery. Named for a creek draining the Rex Hill and Parrett Mountain region, and the road forming the southern perimeter of the vineyard, Corral Creek is the only estate vineyard we did not choose and plant ourselves. We purchased it from the Howiesons of Veritas Vineyard Winery in 1995, as well as their facility, which allowed us to expand our winery operations. We currently have 32 bearing acres on the 40-acre site.




This is our oldest estate vineyard. The 55-acre vineyard is also the pioneering grape-growing site on the now famed Ribbon Ridge AVA. In the early 80s, we became the first to plant vines on Ribbon Ridge at the western end of the Chehalem Range and Valley. We’re now joined by wineries including Beaux Frères, Brick House, Adelsheim and Archery Summit.




Stoller is the most viticulturally advanced of the three estate vineyards. Planted in1995, Stoller sits on a 373-acre parcel. Its 200+ acre vineyard is the largest contiguous vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills. Owner Bill Stoller sees himself as a custodian of the land he loves, and cares deeply about sustainability and environmental protection.