45.312669, -122.915908

Corral Creek Vineyards surrounds the winery. Named for a creek draining the Rex Hill and Parrett Mountain region and the road forming the southern perimeter of the vineyard, Corral Creek is the only estate vineyard we did not choose and plant ourselves. We purchased it from the Howiesons of Veritas Vineyard Winery in 1995, at the same time we expanded winery operations by buying their facility. We currently have 32 bearing acres on the 40-acre site.

Corral Creek Vineyards provides solid, and occasionally spectacular, Pinot noir fruit from a sedimentary soil called Laurelwood. Soil characteristics are brown, silty clay loam. Laurelwood can be excessively fertile if plants are not controlled, but is a consistent ripener and a good source of blending fruit. The site is relatively rich on deeper and wetter lower elevations of 200 feet while upper elevations up to 450 feet can be shallow and water deficient from erosion over the years in orchard farming, requiring some water augmentation.

Wine characteristics in Pinot noir from Laurelwood are light to moderate red fruits, from strawberry to red cherry, carrying moderate to high tannins which can be interesting in blending. Our first vineyard designated Pinot Noir from Corral Creek was in 1998. 18 acres of the vineyard is planted to Pinot noir  (Pommard and Wädenswil clones), 4.6 acres to Chardonnay (Dijon clone), 3 acres to Pinot gris and 3.4 acres to Riesling .

  • Land Purchased
  • Vineyard Beginning
  • First Harvest
  • Owner
    Bill Stoller
  • Location
    Newberg Oregon
  • Acreage
    40 acres (32 plantable)
  • Soil
  • Density
    870 vines per acre
  • Elevation
    220' to 420'