Riesling is the only grape hanging on, damp and cool under largely overcast skies. Dry inside, ferments are liesurely, with the Ridgecrest Pinot noir lots just finishing cold soaks over the last couple days and beginning warming for native fermentations. Stoller and Corral Creek Pinot lots have all been pressed out as of this afternoon. Fermentors are now emptying without a need to refill. More days off for the crew are a benefit, even though the flurry of Ridgecrest ferments beginning promise a lot of punchdown attention, day-and-night.

We continue to plan, but now besides barrel selctions we choose where we go for R&R for several days within the next 10 days. And we need it, with obvious tiredness on faces and a learned, but rote efficiency getting things done.

Whites are showing great floral and fruit aromatics and great acidity. Pinots are extracting fully and richly, with cleaner ferments than normal and much less alcohol apparent in finished wines. Some of the later ferments are even benefiting from chaptalization of one-half to one brix. Welcome home, Cool Climate Vintage!


Weather Today
“Rain at times” is the mantra for this Fall, as we slide into November. With only half the Riesling still unpicked, this should not be a problem, so long as we get some drying to concentrate flavors and permit the botrytis so valued in this variety to dry. Mild temperatures are waves of ongoing rain are expected.

Harvest to-date
(through Oct. 29)
Total: 214 tons
(96% of forecast)

Pinot noir: 116 tons
(101% of forecast)
Pinot gris: 40 tons
(98% of forecast)
Chardonnay: 40 tons
(98% of forecast)
Pinot blanc: 7 tons
(180% of forecast)
Riesling: 8 tons
(55% of forecast)
Gamay noir: 3 tons (100% of forecast)