We dropped our last red wine fermentor to press on Sunday and almost all settled ferments are now in barrel awaiting final placement in the barrel hall.  Wine quality is excellent, based on full ripeness, probably the cleanest fruit I’ve seen in decades, a restrained extraction process Wynne incorporated, and excellent ferments with very little reduction.  Despite the warmth with degree day accumulations of 2800, with cropload balance and good picking decisions, alcohols are reasonable, averaging 13.98% on 31 complete ferments to-date.  Whites are beginning to finish ferment and are gorgeously fruited.  Pinot noir colors are deep, wines not tannic or over-extracted, and all’s right with the world.


Weather and Its Implications

Rain has been steadily falling and that is good, since we’ve been done with picking since October 12th and we need to start replenishing soil moisture.  All the work now is inside and the temperatures outside are moderate, so smiles all-around.

2014 Harvest to-date

Total:391 tons
(103% of forecast)

Pinot Noir:182 tons
(104% of forecast)

Pinot Gris: 51 tons
(99% of forecast)

Chardonnay:103 tons
(105% of forecast)

Pinot blanc: 7.2 tons
(123% of forecast)

Gamay noir: 5.2 tons
(96% of forecast)

Gruner veltliner: 12 tons
(149% of forecast )

Riesling: 31 tons
(89% of forecast)