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2010 | Bustling Before The Storm
October 24, 2010

Rain inevitably falls to usher in the winter season here in the Northwest. The question is whether you have everything done…

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2010 | Patience Repaid
October 19, 2010

Oregon’s 2010 Harvest is an object lesson in patience, focus and “all things come to those who wait.”  Oh, yeah, and…

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2009 | Very Good To Spectacular
October 18, 2009

Of course, the favorite question to winemakers this time of year is “How is harvest?” The quick and simple answer is…

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2009 | What A Crew
October 11, 2009

Harvest is always a time to welcome new members to our family, as we assemble a great team from around the…

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2009 | Very Nice, Thank You
October 2, 2009

We began Harvest 2009 twelve days ago, on September 21st, with first year Chardonnay from a new Stoller block. At this…

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2008 | Great Vintage, Thanks to An Indian Summer
November 2, 2008

The parallels to 1999 are complete for the 2008 vintage. An exceptionally cool growing season ends in full ripening warmth, sun…

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2008 | Same Hard Work, Just Prettier Days In Which To Work
October 26, 2008

Higher elevation blocks of fruit and higher acid varieties are all that await picking, so the white press has lain idle…

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2008 | Seems Like an Excellent Harvest, Definitely an Excellent Harvest Crew
October 19, 2008

For all the impending flood, get-out-your-ark predictions just before harvesting began, this has been a stellar vintage, without rain effects or…

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2008 | Late, Late, Late
October 12, 2008

This is the first Harvest Page for this year, and it’s the latest ever — both Harvest Page and Vintage —…

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2007 | Putting Things Away
November 2, 2007

Harvest 2007 ended on Thursday (Nov. 1), as we brought in our last block of Riesling from Corral Creek Lower, the…

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