This vintage to me is a twin to 2014, with rich, deep, broadly appealing Pinot noirs and white with weight and ripe flavors.  Acids may be a bit lower than last year, but all of the first 80% is bright and well balanced.  The only difficulty this year is not having a home for the fruit.

We should have been lower than last year, since we decided not to take a major block of Pinot noir and a block of Riesling we normally used for Chehalem.  But that 20 tons cutback was waylaid by higher per acre projections all around taking it back to last year’s 390+ tons and THEN having under projected yields for much of one vineyard.  Suffice it to say, we’ll likely be in the 430-440 ton range and we don’t have the space even with turning tanks.  We have found space at a neighboring winery and are slowly pushing the rabbit through the python.

The last few picks will be a bit riper than we would have liked, but it will be interesting blending trial material. Soon it will be over, and not a moment too soon for a weary winery crew. Soon.