Cellar Hand

As an experienced member of our harvest production team, Joey officially joined Chehalem this January to work alongside his sister, our Winemaker, Katie Santora. Hailing from Salt Lake City with a degree in chemical engineering, Joey is excited to manage the daily operations in the cellar. His attention to detail will create the best possible conditions to ensure our wines are the highest quality. Join us in welcoming Joey to our family!

What brought you to Chehalem?

My sister! She convinced me to come work with her for the 2015, 2016 and 2018 harvests. I enjoy the science behind the transformation of grapes into wine. Working with my sister has been a joy for so many reasons: we get along very well and communicate effectively, I get to work with someone whom I have a good relationship with, we collaborate well, and we have a good time while getting work done. I have also enjoyed getting a firsthand view of her transition as winemaker, which is a big part of why I wanted to stay a part of this team after harvest. It is rare to have a boss that I relate to so well and that continuously makes our team excited to come to work.

What does a day in the cellar look like?

The exciting part about working in the cellar are the various tasks required every day, especially as the wine progresses through its primary and secondary fermentation. My day can range from taking samples of the wine, transferring and filtering entire tanks of wine, and topping all of the barrels.  I enjoy being involved in what happens after harvest and managing how the wine is cared for through bottling.


What do you like to listen to while you work?

I enjoy a wide range of music during work; from rock to rap to reggae. Another wonderful aspect of working in the cellar is getting to listen to music nearly every day, so a wide range of music is almost necessary.

What is your favorite Chehalem wine?

Although I find all of the Chehalem wines delicious, I think my favorite would have to be our 2018 Rosé. I may be a bit biased, but this being my first year working after harvest wraps, it has honestly been a joy getting to follow and direct the Rosé along its progression, witnessing the changes in the look and flavor of the wine. Playing a part in producing a Rosé that I enjoy so much has been incredible.