Being on the frontline isn’t easy, but it is very much appreciated. Over the last year, we watched our healthcare workers push beyond the limits most of us can imagine. Their dedication and compassion during the most trying of times have been a source of inspiration for us. Now more than ever, it’s important to reach out and celebrate nurses everywhere! Thank you, and cheers to all you do!

When it’s time for our team to unwind, a beautiful glass of wine is not never far from reach, so we asked: What wines are you enjoying most at home right now?

Katie Santora, Winemaker: 2018 Reserve Chardonnay is the perfect wine for this time of year. Refreshing when it is chilled on the warmer days that spring brings and pairs great with most foods you start eating in the spring. Grilled chicken, fresh salads, fish. It is versatile.

Dave Rice, Director of Hospitality:  Right now, my favorite wine is the 2013 Wind Ridge Block Pinot Noir, which we recently paired with a cannellini beans, wilted escarole, and garlic chicken sausage pasta. It was fantastic!

Alex Donovan, Director of Consumer Sales: Right now, I’m enjoying the 2020 Chehalem Mountains Rosé of Pinot Noir with a homemade grilled chicken Caesar salad, extra parmesan, and bread on the side.

Michelle Fritts, Business Development Manager: My favorite go-to wine, hands down, is the 2020 Chehalem Rosé of Pinot Noir! Why? Because it goes with absolutely everything! After a long day of emails, zooms, and organization, my prep dinner wine for weekday meals of pizza, bbq herbed chicken and pasta, risotto with spring veggies, fried rice with Asian chicken thighs…..I could go on—cheers to some outstanding Rosé that makes any day seem better.

Michelle KaufmannCommunication Director: I’m enjoying the 2018 Reserve Chardonnay while cooking dinner, listening to a podcast, or reading a good book! 

Daniel Rich, Tasting Room Manager: 2018 Corral Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir: seared bone-in pork chop with a roasted wild mushroom medley on cheesy polenta.

Jess Spera, Assistant Winemaker: I am drinking the 2019 Corral Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir right now and pairing it with two-year aged gouda and Olympia Provisions Italian salami. Yum!

Patrick Hiley, National SalesMy current obsession with Chehalem is the Corral Creek Vineyard Riesling. The beautiful aromatics and viscous mouthfeel lead to some delicious melon and lemon notes followed by a cleansing acidity. This wine sings for days on a palate and gains roundness with every swirl. I like to keep the foods simple here with soft cheeses and nuts on the back porch in the spring. Cheers!

Patrick McBride, Vice President- ChainsINOX Unoaked Chardonnay with crab cakes, soooo yummy!

Tyler Bender, Director of Wine Clubs: The 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir and fruit salad with a honey drizzle is my go-to right now as summer is around the corner.

Scott Jeffery, Tasting Room Associate ExtraordinaireI’m all over the 2018 Corral Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir. It’s a fantastic sipping wine, all by itself. Light cherry fruit, soft texture; it’s like cherry cotton candy. Delightful! Its medium body helps it pair with anything, especially delicate meats. It’s going to complement everything nicely and not overpower it. I had it with a maple-glazed salmon (grilled on a cedar plank) the other day, and it took it to another level. Resplendent!