Six paw selected wines picked just in time for the Dog Days of Summer.

It’s the Dog Days of Summer, the time when Sirius (the “dog” star) rises just before the sun, in late July. They referred to these days as the hottest time of the year. Beat the heat and soak in the sunshine – read the reviews on our 2019 picks from our favorite furry friends here at Chehalem.
2015 Ridgecrest Pinot Gris
2015 Corral Creek Riesling 
2016 Three Vineyard Pinot Noir
2017 Chehalem INOX
2017 Ridgecrest Grüner Veltliner
2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir


“Lionel, leader of the Chehalem Dog Pack, is a refined fellow who enjoys the subtle nuances found in our Corral Creek Riesling. A Native Portlander, Lionel loves to explore the food scene and appreciates that this dry Riesling pairs with nearly everything. He recommends opening a bottle with some Thai takeout or with salmon lox at brunch.”


“Serena hails from Houston, Texas, and rescued her human parents from a life of petlessness when she arrived in Portland four years ago. Like our 2016 Three Vineyard Pinot Noir (mostly fruit from our Ridgecrest vineyard), Serena is a mix (mostly Yellow Lab), blended to a harmonious and friendly balance. She recommends pairing this wine with a well-marbled medium rare ribeye steak grilled to perfection. Bonus points for leaving the plate within her reach.”



“Spending her late summer days running around the vineyards, Mani enjoys taking a much needed break to savor this quenching 2015 Pinot Gris. Made from grapes selected from choice blocks at Ridgecrest Vineyard with hints of honeysuckle and ripe stone fruit, this summer sipper is sure to please the keenest of senses.”


“Zeus brings his sweet and lovable spirit to any party, just like our delicious 2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir with its accents of grapefruit, rose petals, and strawberry. His character never misses a beat, like the Rosé ~ Offering bright acid tensions to subtle notes of basil and dried cherries, this Rosé is welcome to any barbeque. A recipe of grilled fixings, a bottle (or two) of Chehalem’s finest Rosé, equals summertime memories for all!”


“It’s the Dog Days of Summer and Macallan loves chilling with a bottle of the 2017 INOX Unoaked Chardonnay on a hot summer day. Just like Mac, this bright, acid-driven, full-fruited white wine shows a great pedigree (of Dijon clone Chardonnay), and his big powerful nose enjoys the peach pit and green apple notes. With 90 Points from Wine Enthusiast, Macallan suggests pairing INOX with flaky white fish with herbs, scallops, or his FAVORITE…turkey breast!


“Bear the Bernese Mountain Dog is often confused by other breeds like a Saint Bernard, similar to our 2017 Ridgecrest Gruner Veltliner, mistaken for almost any other white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc. An uncommon Austrian grape varietal produced exceptionally well from the Ribbon Ridge AVA at its high elevation and cool summer nights, reminiscent of Bear’s origination of the Swiss Alps. Our Gruner is bright yet rich on the palate, unlike Bears physical weight as a 10 month old. Flavors of candied citrus, keylime and herbal notes makes this varietal versatile enough to pair with vegetables like asparagus (one of Bear’s favorites) or inside with the A/C during these hot summer days.”