April is National Poetry Month and our new spring wines have us inspired! Always ready to have fun, our team at Chehalem donned their sunglasses, assumed a “new” hip persona and held a poetry slam. Gather round as we tell you about these crazy cats and the wines they love……Can you dig it?

Scott Jeffery as Scott “Savior Faire” ….. Originally from New York, I went with Hunter S Thompson to a New Year’s Eve party that lasted four months. Consuming nothing but champagne, we hopped in his car, pointed it towards Venice Beach, and didn’t look back. Around Kansas, the money and champagne ran out, and besides, he had to get back home to figure out what the ‘S’ stood for. I stuck out my thumb and went where the wind took me. When I arrived in the Willamette Valley, I fell in love and never left.

I run an art gallery called ‘Slick’ where I represent abstract expressionists like Julian Schnabel, Warhol, and Pollack. I’m passionate, introspective, deliberate, apple-cheeked, and intense. The quote I can’t get out of my head? “Did you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in ‘life’?” In my free time, you can find me dissecting Kant, Hesse, Freud with my good friend Man Ray, a glass of pinot in hand and Chet Baker on the HiFi.

The best piece of advice I received was from John Lennon. We were eating corned beef sandwiches from Ike’s on 3rd and Broadway (NOT ‘Famous Ike’s’ — the Original Ike’s), and he said, “Savvy, never be square, indecisive or sculpt without sunglasses.” Bodacious…

The 2013 Wind Ridge Block Pinot Noir or 2019 Gamay Noir pair best with a baguette avec fromage while reading “Breakfast of Champions – by Vonnegut.”

Watch Scott “Savoir Faire” review: 2013 Wind Ridge Block Pinot Noir and 2019 Gamay Noir

Scott Jeffery has been with Chehalem since 2019. You can find him in the Chehalem Tasting Room sharing his vast wine knowledge and well-timed dad jokes weekly.

Michelle Fritts as “Bombshell Novelle” Michelle ….. After an early retirement as a test pilot for NASA, I became obsessed with looking for a new place to call home. In search of a New World terroir with Old World vibes, I found myself in the Willamette Valley, home of Oregon Pinot Noir and an ultra-hip cooking scene.

Casual. Classic. Creative. I spend my days reading “The Joy of French Cooking” to my sidekick Brix – a pocket-sized Morkie (Maltese & Yorkie). Art. Strolls in the park. Yeah, we dig those too, but keep your ego and drama to yourself.

My motto? Nothing is impossible…the word itself says, “I’m possible!” So, when I suddenly became the go-to food and wine expert in my clique, I booked lunch dates to test my palate. In fact, I recall while drinking bubbly and winning my third game of blackjack (I never lose) with my dear friend, Audrey Hepburn, that she said I was her secret weapon to a successful dinner party. Huzzah!

When asked what I would pair with the 2019 Corral Creek Riesling? Sushi, darling, of course!

Watch “Bombshell Nouvelle” Michelle review: 2019 Corral Creek Riesling

Michelle Fritts has been with Chehalem since 2018. Her ability to quickly build rapport in the community and build relationships with both non-profits and corporate businesses made her the perfect fit to manage Business Development at Chehalem.

Dave Rice as “Dangerous” Dave ….. They call me Dangerous Dave Rice, Vice Provost of Liquid Pleasure. I’m old but sorta hip and live by the words, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” My advice to all the fab, young, hip wine drinkers? Make sure you read “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and always keep a glass at the ready. You never know who’s pouring one bourbon, one scotch, or one wine..

While lunching with Marianne Faithfull, chatting over shrimp cocktails and martinis, she suggested I look west for my next inspiration. I rode into the Willamette Valley on a tornado and never went back. These days, you can find me dodging speeding tickets, slow drivers, and uncool people. Life in the fast lane is just my speed.

Are you a foodie? I recommend pairing the 2014 Wind Ridge Block Pinot Noir with a medium-rare steak and the Club Exclusive Chardonnay with a roast chicken.

Watch “Dangerous” Dave Rice review: 2014 Wind Ridge Block Pinot Noir and 2019 Club Exclusive Chardonnay

Dave Rice has been with Chehalem since 2008. Dave feels Chehalem is a special winery that needs to have its story shared. As a keeper of Chehalem’s history and currently our Director of Hospitality, Dave welcomes all guests and club members to join him online for private tastings or in the vineyard at Corral Creek for small group tours. 

Alex Donovan as The “Audacious”  Alexandra ….

Inventive, passionate, spunky, whimsical. I’m a secret agent by day, a romance ghostwriter by night. I first saw the awe of the Willamette Valley while working a case. Such a trip. Gray and green, sun and light, oceans and mountains, in day and night. I never went back. It was just too rad….

Words to live by? “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

I detest indecisive people… and the sound of someone eating a banana. I spend my free time breaking World Record challenges like cycling the world’s largest mountain or playing the piano backwards; I’m triple jointed, so that one was easy-peasy.

While lunching on endless oysters and croissants with thee Elizabeth Taylor, she gave me two pieces of advice: Never leave home without your lucky rabbit foot keychain, and one day someone will write a book called “Talking to Strangers,” read it. It will change your life.

Wanna change YOUR life? The 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir and 2019 Corral Creek Pinot Noir pair beautifully with barbequed cedar-planked salmon. For the Rosé, add a touch of brown sugar and Dijon mustard sprinkled on top and finish it off on a bed of Caesar salad. Kisses, baby…….

Watch The “Audacious ” Alexandra Dangerous” review: 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir and 2019 Corral Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir

Alex Donovan started with Chehalem in 2014. As Director of Consumer Sales, Alex continues to develop her natural affinity for the hospitality industry and her proven experience and leadership has been vital as we continue to grow.