We recently invited local Chehalem Wine Club Members to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the former Blue Heron Paper Mill in Oregon City. Alexis Ingram, campaign director for Willamette Falls Trust, lead the tour as Club Members walked through the site and learned about exciting plans for a Riverwalk that would guide visitors out to Willamette Falls.


The history of Willamette Falls is the story of the Pacific Northwest. North America’s second largest waterfall, Willamette Falls is a longstanding cultural and national landmark. It is a place where multiple histories converge – where humans have gathered since time immemorial, drawn to the power of the water. Imagine what stories the future holds.

“What an incredible time we had getting a personal tour of the abandoned Blue Heron Paper Mill & close up view of Willamette Falls. Thank you Chehalem Winery & Willamette Falls Trust for making this possible!” ~ Dave & Cher Keller

We teamed up with Willamette Falls Trust because they are driving the current to restore and reinvigorate how we experience this treasured place. The Trust’s purpose is to champion a world-class Willamette Falls experience far into the future, one that celebrates the site’s four core values – access for everyone, prosperity, nature, and culture – for generations to come.

“Our goal is to make our Wine Club Members feel like family,” said Club Manager, Erin Longmire. “Events like the Willamette Falls Riverwalk gives our Members another way of connecting with our winery and our community. A big thank you to Alexis Ingram and Willamette Falls Trust for an amazing morning!”

If you enjoy awesome wines and would like to participate in events like these, follow this LINK to the signup page or call us at (503) 538-4700 and we will welcome you to the Chehalem family in no time!

Click here to learn more about this project and see the vision:  https://www.willamettefallslegacy.org/riverwalk/