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Statement Of The Vintage | 2018

The 2018 vintage was a milestone for me. It was my seventh vintage at Chehalem, but my first as Head Winemaker. That harvest was definitely one I will never forget; we were last minute short staffed, so my brother joined the team to help out, adding in a little more of the Santora sweat and tears into the mix. Through all of the craziness, I felt like I was initiated into this role with a BANG, but from then on out, I knew it was my time to make a statement at Chehalem. 

This feeling is what I wanted to reflect in the 2018 Statement Pinot Noir. Something to say, “I am here! I have arrived!” and I think as a team, we accomplished that. That year was on the warmer side, making the fruit ripe and bold, plus we selected from our favorite barrels coming from our estate vineyard, Ridgecrest, which tends to favor the darker aspects of a Pinot Noir. 

To me, this wine is a more intimate and thoughtful drinker. I want to share it with friends or family that I haven’t seen in a while, or open it and slowly drink it through the night to see how it progresses and evolves with time and a little air. Use this wine as a gateway to making your own statement.

Cheers! – Winemaker Katie Santora

2018 Statement Pinot Noir

Baking Spice
Red Fruit

$110 | $88 club

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Cheers To Ten Years At Chehalem, Katie Santora! 

Come along as we take a trip down memory lane with Winemaker, Katie Santora, as she reflects on the past ten years at Chehalem. From Assistant to Head Winemaker, Katie has seen Chehalem grow and develop into a love letter to the Chehalem Mountains.