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The Camassia Flower

“The indigenous peoples of the Willamette Valley cultivated all the diversity of Oregon’s native plants as food sources. Elderberry, wild onion, Oregon grape, and camassia are some of the most profound edibles, used frequently for healing mediums and base food components.”
– Head of Corporate Gardens, Corinne Gosnell

This beautiful flower can be found on our new 2019 Sparkling Brut labels in honor of our shared Pacific Northwest ecology.

Spotlight on:

Chehalem Estate Vineyard & Your Fall Club Featured Selection – 2021 Chehalem Estate Pinot Noir

Chehalem Estate is our newest vineyard and future home of Chehalem. First planted in 2007, this vast land is a 210-acre plot with just over 120 acres planted to vine.

The soils are Laurelwood, a wind-blown loess formed when ancient northeastern winds blew glacial silt onto the northern faces of the volcanic uplifted landmass, that we call the Chehalem Mountains. The topsoil is layered to varying depths. Many large, weathered basalt boulders have been found in pockets around the farm, as well as several natural springs in the two drainages, Little Hells Canyon Creek and Chicken Creek.

This site is the coolest of our estate vineyards, which means it is often the last fruit to ripen and it is well suited to warmer vintages. Wines from Chehalem Estate display high-toned red fruit characteristics such as wild strawberry and pie cherry in the Pinot Noir.

$50 retail | $40 club price

New Club Release Wines

2019 Sparkling Brut


$65 retail | $52 club price

Featured: 2021 Chehalem Estate Pinot Noir

Black tea
Cherry cordial

$50 retail | $40 club price

2021 Reserve Chardonnay

Key lime pie

$45 retail | $36 club price

2022 Chehalem Estate Pinot Blanc

Lemon rind

$35 retail | $28 club price

2021 Ridgecrest Pinot Noir

Brambly berry
Chai spice
Baking chocolate

$50 retail | $40 club price

2019 Statement Pinot Noir*

Rose petal

$110 retail | $88 club price
(*This wine is in the
Reserve Club allocation only)

Grapes - Pinot Gris

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