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Sustainability Statement

The Vineyard Crew at Corral Creek Vineyards.CHEHALEM makes sustainability a priority in every step of winemaking, from the conscientious farming choices we make in our vineyards to the recyclable wine shippers that arrive at your door. Our name means “valley of the flowers,” and following are some of the actions we are taking to keep our valley filled with flowers in the future:

• Along with 30 other Oregon wineries, CHEHALEM has joined Governor Kulongoski’s Carbon Neutral Challenge Initiative to take steps to assess and reduce our carbon footprint, and give our best effort to become carbon neutral by the year 2010.

• Our four estate vineyards, Ridgecrest, Corral Creek, Wind Ridge, and Stoller, are LIVE certified (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) and part of the Oregon Certified Sustainable program. They are also Salmon Safe certified, which is part of the LIVE umbrella.

• Our Wind Ridge Vineyard is farmed organically. We do not use herbicide at Ridgecrest or Corral Creek Vineyards, instead controlling weeds by hand and mechanization.

• Many CHEHALEM wines are certified by the Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine program, with later-bottled wines from the 2008 vintage carrying the new OCSW seal on their labels for the first time.

• We use cultural practices and vine canopy manipulation to minimize disease pressure. We also use organic straw mulch in a number of our vineyard blocks to suppress weeds, enhance organic matter, and help retain soil moisture.

• We dry farm whenever possible to reduce the stress on ground water sources. Ridgecrest Vineyard is completely dry farmed, Wind Ridge Vineyard is transitioning as planned from drip used during establishment to dry farming, and Corral Creek Vineyard is 60 percent dry farmed and has not been irrigated at all in the past 2 years.

• We prioritize soil stability, soil structural health, and bio-diversity within the vineyard by sowing diverse cover crops every fall and encouraging diverse native plants in hedges and vineyard edges.

• A large percentage (over 20 percent for Ridgecrest and Wind Ridge) of our vineyard property is left untouched as an eco-zone to provide habitat for native plants and animals and minimize the effects of effects of vineyard encroachment.

• In conjunction with Boise Cascade, we have developed an 8-sided, fully corrugated cardboard wine shipping box to eliminate the need for Styrofoam inserts. The box is capable of shipping 13 Pinot Noir–sized bottles at one time, with no need to re-pack after bottling. This unique box is currently being considered by other Oregon wineries, too. All of our other shippers are also completely recyclable, utilizing inserts made from recycled paper.

• In our offices, we recycle paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, and even the aluminum capsules and tin foils used to top finished wines.

• We use post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks for all our printed materials whenever possible.

• We employ a core crew of skilled people and pay them a meaningful living wage, thereby contributing to a sustainable community.

• We are actively involved with ¡SALUD!, a unique non-profit collaboration between wineries and healthcare professionals that provides access to healthcare services for Oregon’s seasonal vineyard workers and their families. Each year, we create a special Pinot Noir cuvée for the annual ¡SALUD! Auction, which has raised over $6 million dollars and counting.

• We have renovated an existing historic building in downtown Newberg to serve as a new, public tasting room, helping revitalize a growing community and eliminating the need for people to drive miles out of their way to reach our vineyards or winery site. The tasting room includes refurbished concrete floors, a custom-designed tasting bar with an eco-friendly Chroma resin countertop, and a breathtaking display cabinet featuring the work of Portland glass sculptor Walter Gordinier.

Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine    LIVE Certified Sustainable Seal

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